Which Indian Spices Are Predominantly Used In Indian Cooking?

People find the use of great spices in Indian cooking intimidating. But, spices are the heart and soul of Indian food. Based on how you like to intake it, you can put the spices either in the whole or ground form.

Did you know?

Mostly all the Indian spices are used after getting drily roasted. But nutmeg is an exception.

Here in this blog, we are going to include a list of the potential spices which are used:

Cardamom – Light & Sweet Flavour

Cardamom adds richness to the dish. There are two types of cardamom: Green and Black. The aromatic spice can be used in a variety of ways. You can use the whole spice (without being crushed or in the powdered form) and as far as the desserts are to be infused with the nicest flavour, the seeds of the cardamom pod are roughly crushed and are used in the tempering

Clove – Flower Containing the Essential oils

Just like Cardamom, Clove is also a common spice used to make the dish intensely flavourful. But yes, they need to be used with extreme caution as these have strong medicinal properties.

Black pepper: The Most Pampered Spice

Since this spice needs a particular set of conditions to grow, it is called the most pampered spice. It is usually used after blending.

Cumin – Add Smoky Characteristics To Your Dish

Cumin comes in the seedly form. Its intense fragrance and superb digestive health benefits make it the first choice of the chefs to be used as a potential ingredient.

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