Why are Indian dishes cooked at low flame?

We all know that Indian food is cooked slowly and the predominant reason for that is the greatest infusion of flavours. It is believed and of course, is one of the facts that if the food is cooked at high flames then it loses its 60% of the flavours and neither do the food is properly cooked.

Which utensils will help you the most in ‘SLOW COOKING’?

We can use the following if we want to bring the nice flavours infused by ‘SLOW COOKING’:

  • Stock Pot
  • Casserole
  • Slow Cooker

Some Important Tips for the Slow Cooking:

  • Do not Season Heavily in the beginning: Make sure you are lightly seasoning the dish in the beginning as the slow cooking allows the flavours to get intensely concentrated. Adding too much, in the beginning, will make your dish salty.
  • Expand your knowledge: It is not only the meat dishes which you can cook with the slow cooking. You can take slow cooking into account as well.
  • Do not add liquid in abundance: Since slow cooking implies for the lid to be tightly placed on the top which does not let the liquid get vaporized, So adding the extensive amount of liquid will only make your fish watery.
  • Put all the ingredients before you begin with slow cooking: Slow cooking allows all the flavours to get mixed well. So it is required to put all the ingredients before you tighten the lid and start with the slow cooking.

Delhi Heights’ Recognize the significance of slow cooking

The chefs of Delhi Heights know the difference between the food cooked at the slow and high heat. This is the predominant reason that all the dishes at our restaurant are slowly cooked so that the foodies get no chance to find flaws in our recipes.

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